St John's Lutheran Church

St. John's Lutheran School

St John's Early Childhood

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church



Sundays at 8 and 10 AM (One service at 9 AM in August) 
Saturdays (before the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month) at 7 PM
Mondays at 6:30 PM (After Memorial Day through Before Labor Day)

Bible Study

Sunday School at 9 AM in the School (Sept-May)

Sundays at 9 AM in the School Commons (Sept-May)

Wednesdays at 9 AM in the Church Library (Sept-May)

Upcoming Events

August One-Service Sundays: 9 AM only 

Our voters decided at our Quarterly Voter’s Meeting this past Sunday that we will be having **one service at 9 AM** on the Sundays in August, better reflecting our congregation’s worship needs. (The Saturday and Monday service schedule will not change.) The intent of this is that we would offer a fuller, richer Sunday worship atmosphere, and that a unifying factor in our congregation might come along with it!